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Sex Appeal,What`s your Opinion ?

I pose this question to both men and women on here.Well as for my own opinion,here is what I believe.From a male point of view,I am sure that every woman in this World wants to look Beautiful,feel comfortable,feel Sexy and loves receiving Nice Compliments and " Wanted " attention from Nice,Kind and Sincere men.But really I strongly believe that any woman can look Sexy without having to expose or flaunt her body.Especially on these kind of Chat/Friendship sites many women ( also men too ) put up " Sexy " photo`s,teasing the opposite gender by flaunting their bodies.Of course by doing this it will always attract attention from other people.But as I say,a Girl can look amazingly Sexy just by dressing Elegantly and Responsibly.I don`t see the need to go around exposing flesh so much on many photo`s just to try and gain Friends and attract attention.A woman who dresses In such a way as this may look Sexy,but also can look " False,Fake and Cheap " too.So what Sex Appeal means to me is not Indeed flashing your body for all to see,but looking Impressive In the clothes which suit your own figure and style..

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